November 27th, 2006



I am a nerd and U2 seem to rule my life, but I have a point, which I will get to.

I was sitting on the couch this morning, when a commercial for Uno cards came on, my thought pattern went as such: "Hey didn't my brother get our sister Uno cards for Christmas a couple of years ago? She's so hard to shop for. I wonder when I'll get her this year. OH! I know, I'll get her a Monopoly set. She's addicted to that game. I'll get her just the regular one, but man, they have so many different kinds of Monopoly these days. Wouldn't it be funny if they made a U2 Monopoly? ...I'm posting that on LJ!"

And so you see. Imagine a U2opoly (although Bonopoly sounds so much better). I just started thinking about it, the properties could all be different U2 songs, the more expensive the property, the more popular/better the song. So Boardwalk would definitely be Streets. The playing pieces could be the four members of U2, plus other very U2-centric people like Paul McGuinness and Ali and Morliegh, and we could throw in Mr. MacPhisto to flesh it out ;P
I'm just working this all out in my head in the silliest manner. The Electric Co. would, of course, stay The Electric Co. (I'm a crazy enough U2 fan that I get extra happy and want to start singing that song when I land on that property XD), and I suppose the four railroads could be U2's four most noteable albums. But speaking of albums, each Monopoly colour group could represent an album, and contain songs from that album. Instead of putting hotels on properties, you could put Grammys on them =D (the houses could be considered Grammy "nominations")

I think maybe I'm having too much fun with this XD But I want to encourage you all to have fun with it too. Flood the comments with ideas! If I get enough good ideas, I swear, I'll draw out a U2opoly board =D

Use this as a guide if need be:

(I think I need to start getting more sleep so I'll stop being so weird ._.)
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"The Wanderer"

i've had this song on repeat for about a half-hour now. it doesn't get much love. now i'm giving it some. Johnny Cash's voice is PERFECT.

what U2 songs do you love that tend to get overlooked? i'm also addicted to "Gloria". the huge chorus at the end gives me chills.

yeah, i went with nothing
nothing but the thought of you
i went wandering
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And I'm done

The upload-athon is finished for tonight. I think I've answered all the requests, but if you didn't get what you asked for, now would be the time to remind me. Ditto if any of the files were wonky.

Enjoy the music and remember, sharing is caring ;-/
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