November 29th, 2006

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A friend and I were talking about how U2 has yet to play Window in the Skies live, and it got me to thinking about songs they have never played live or haven't played in a long time.

What songs would you like to see the band either bring back or play for the first time? I'd love to see them bring back anything from the Zooropa album, especially Zooropa. I'd love to see if they could pull off a full version of the song.
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We've always known that U2 are the most amazing band on the planet, but what exactly makes them so damn perfect? Coincidentally I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday. We both agreed that all four members bring something so unique and different to the table, and together they just make magic.

That's why last night, I was absolutely blown away when my sister came to me with a paper from her literature class. On it were the 4 "humors" or "personalities" according to Elizabethan theology. It seemed to describe EXACTLY why U2 is so amazing...

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Request: Miss Sarajevo bootlegs

Hello everybody!

I found myself very moved by the beautiful version of Miss Sarajevo the band have been playing at recent concerts (I saw them in Adelaide); I liked the song before, but I love it now. I especially liked Bono's lyric changes. Does anybody have any bootlegs of this song from the Vertigo tour they would like to share? You can comment or email me - my LJ email is laughing [dot] lj [at] gmail [dot] com.

If anybody has any bootlegs from the Adelaide concert at all, that would also make me impossibly happy.

Take care of yourselves!