December 17th, 2006


Song Of The Day

Last December volare gave "Do They Know It's Christmas?" the SOTD treatment, along with a live performance of Peace On Earth. That makes it an official U2 community tradition for SOTD to feature Christmassy songs at this time of year. *nod*

Not being one to break with tradition, today I have selected:

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

That's a John Lennon song, for those of you who have been living on Pluto your whole lives. U2 performed a live acoustic cover of it on 16th December 1988, on The Late Late Show in Ireland. It's cute as anything - follow the cut tag to watch it on YouTube!

Collapse )

I've uploaded my MPEG of that performance (it's only small, 6.14 MB), and there's also an MP3 if anyone wants it. :)

Stay tuned for more festive fun!

Electrical Storm single

Are there any kind souls in this community who could send me New York (Nice Mix), New York (Nasty Mix), and Bad / 40 / Where the Streets Have No Name from the Electrical Storm single? I have the disc (an import) but it's severly scratched up. Thanks so much!
I wet 'em

Was I living under a rock?

Okay, I was reading my U2byU2 book, and I was totally shocked to read that Edge's Morleigh was the lady in the With or Without You video! How did I not know that?! *shakes head* I always considered myself pretty knowledgeable when it came to trivial info like that.
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U2 LJ Community Awards 2006: nominations continued

Just a quick reminder, you've got less than a week left to nominate all your favourites for the U2 LJ Community Awards (I don't know if these should have a more catchy nickname? Like the Oscars or the Webbies...). You won't have a chance to vote for them later if they're not on the shortlist!

The place to submit your nominations is here where all your comments will be screened and totally confidential.

While I'm on the subject of the awards, I was wondering if anyone likes the idea of having winners' banners that people could put on their profiles and stuff? You know, something like "frank - Winner, Goat of the Year - u2 Community Awards 2006", with a pretty graphic or something. The winners could request a banner if they want one, like in u2_stills (icon contest community). Only I'm rubbish at making stuff like that, so it would only work if someone here was willing to volunteer their time and skills!  Let me know.