January 2nd, 2007


Something to chew on

Just wondering what you think of the following letter, which I found in today's edition of Newsday:

"Bono knighthood is a very big joke"

After hearing that Bono, of the world-famous Dublin-based rock band U2, was to receive an honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth, I was overwhelmingly saddened. Bono has apparently forgotten his roots.

I guess all the money and jet-setting with the world's elite has softened him. I love the fact that he petitions my American government to forgive Third World debt. Yet, he must be aware that working-class Americans are losing their traditional pensions, all in the name of profit. After listening to Bono's numerous tirades during U2 concerts, I wonder if he needs to be reminded about the many atrocities the British have laid on the Irish (The Great Famine, "shoot-to-kill" policy, internment, Diplock courts, criminalization of the Irish language, the list goes on).

Here is the final proof of the British policy of denigrating the Irish: As Bono is an Irish citizen, he will not be able to use the title "sir." I hope for two things from Bono: Tell Queen Elizabeth what to do with her honorary knighthood, and stick to making music.

Steven F. Cassidy
Franklin Square

The very last bit ("...and stick to making music.") is a bit tired and seems to go against the writer's admiration for Bono's petitioning to drop the debt, but what gets to me is that he seems to think Bono should reject the knighthood on the basis of past British policy toward the Irish. (Or IS it past policy? I'm not familiar with current laws and treatment, although I'd imagine they're not as fierce now as they'd once been.)

So, I'm just fishing for your thoughts: Is Bono being knighted by the British an insult to the Irish?

Yes, I know this is the U2 Livejournal Community so, more often than not, we tend to support Bono, but please be open-minded and really consider what the writer argues.