January 9th, 2007

achtung baby

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2007 Predictions

7. Bono

Will continue to wear those phony sunglasses and try to save the world, sliding into irrelevance all the while. This is a band that needs experimental music released sequentially to regain its cred. But they're too busy satiating their fortysomething audience, giving them exactly what they want, to matter. It would be like the Beatles releasing "Beatles For Sale" over and over and over again. How about another "Achtung Baby", babies?

preach on brother!
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Pink Me

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According to sources, Aerosmith will be covering Seconds this year:

"Also due out next year are cover versions of John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band's "Give Peace A Chance" and U2's "Seconds," which they did with the West African band the Refugee All Stars for separate tribute albums."
(original article is from December, hence the 'next year')

It's not horribly surprising that Aerosmith would want to cover a U2 song (after all, all the cool kids are doing it), what's surprising is that the choice is Seconds. I loove Seconds, but it's just a wee bit obscure ;P

This will be interesting...
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Bono and me

About those singles...

I am sad to say I don't have much in the way of rare U2 compared to you all. I was reading that post about singles, and realized what I am missing. Sadness! Are there any Good Samaritans who would be able and willing to upload:

- The single version of Pride, mentioned here
- The single version of Streets, mentioned here
- The single version of A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel, mentioned here as being DIFFERENT from the B-sides compilation: http://www.u2wanderer.org/disco/sing024.html (God, what a song, eh?)

I was going to just post this request on that entry, but that entry already has 45 comments and is 3 days old. I do hope to return the favor someday when I have a big enough collection that people actually want something I have. Thanks!!!
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Found pictures from U2's (ZooTV-era) appearance in Vogue!

The headline says it all. Well, almost -- I've found 'em AND I wanna share!

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There's an interview with the band that's supposed to go along with this set -- and possibly a few more pictures, too -- but these were all I could dredge up.

So here's the story: I'd come across the picture of Bono, in full Fly form, crouching around Christy Turlington's legs after having doodled a picture of himself (with the caption "Never trust a cowboy" -- the same goes for monkeys) on her back. I said to m'self, "Self, you should research this amusing photograph on the googlemachine to see if there exist any further images from this shoot!"

And so I did, much to the delight of fans of The Edge and of fluorescent lighting around the world. Hopefully.

In all honesty and minimal oddness, though, it's actually quite the photo shoot: Bono's in full Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Christy? mode; Christy's in full These were Supermodel Shades Back When You Had a Mullet, Bono! mode; and The Edge? The Edge has awesome pants. I love The Edge and his taste in pants.

Have a lovely day, everyone!