January 13th, 2007

Weekend Wrangle: Bono or the Fan?

I'd like to thank you all for the wonderul responses you provided last week. There was way more involvement than I anticipated. And I hope these discussion points will help us survive the boredom until the next album... or haircut.

With the release of the Milan footage on the U218 Deluxe Edition, I think I have a new favorite "Bono with Some Lucky Girl" moment. She's a little slow to catch on, but when 'All I Want Is You' reaches its climax, and they are spinning on the B-stage... just... guh. I'll discuss this further in my response.

What is your favorite Bono with fan moment?

For example...
From the Elevation: Boston, during "With Or Without You," Bono chooses a girl from the crowd, lays down on the ellipse with her and (of all things) cuddles.

From ZooTV: Sydney, Bono MacPhisto slow dances with a girl during "Love Is Blindness".

Of course, you may not fancy Bono... but just go with it. ;)

And if you can't just go with it, perhaps put yourself on the other side of the mic, what would you be most likely to do with a fan you pulled from the audience?