January 15th, 2007


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So, hi. Been too long since I posted here, but I'm coming out of hiding today to give you...

A Tribute To U2's 30-year Tresses

Boy - The Electric Comb
October - Mullet (Rejoice, rejoice!)
War - New Year's Hay
The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgiveable Hair
The Joshua Tree - Covers of the Disappeared
Achtung Baby - Love is Blondness
Zooropa - Some Do's Are Better Than Others
Pop - Gone
All That You Can't Leave Behind - Stuck In A Bonnet You Can't Get Out Of
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - Buff and Grease Or Else

There ought to be another list for facial hair, so knock yourselves out. :D

I wanted to put pictures but I'm lazy, so in case you need a reference, there's a pretty good one at @u2.com, the winner for the October 2005 Achtoon Baby @U2 @10 contest here. (Scroll down a bit.)

Happy Weekend!

*scurries away once more*