February 7th, 2007


The U2 Philosophy

I find myself feeling the same emotions in this stage of U2's career as I did when The Joshua Tree exploded onto the scene: alternately proud and despairing. Back then, I was half thrilled that more people would finally pay some attention to them because they were good, damn it, and they deserved it. But I was also fearful and sad about the potential backlash and all the other downsides that larger fame can bring. (Not to mention selfishly concerned about the fact that there'd be no more chances to see them in small venues...at least for a long time to come.)

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Perhaps I'm worried too much and this attention is really like the kind of scholarly attention Buffy has received - which hasn't reduced Buffy in the eyes of the wider world in the least (or so it seems to me). Do you have any thoughts on this recent spate of attention U2 has been getting? Do you think it's been good or bad for the band, for the fans, for the previously unitiated - or has it had no true affect at all?

Weekday Whatever

I forgot what I named this weekly thing last time! Oh well, not important. I also forgot to post last week, but that's not really my fault, given the billion things I have to do for uni. Who said being in 4th year was fun? (Uh, no one, apparently.)

Anyway, here's one I prepared earlier because my brain has turned to mushy stuff. I asked this of lydia_petze in an LJ entry once, and I like it so I'm going to ask it here.

If you could make up a U2 album using one track from every album, how would it look?

Only one track from each album, but you can include Under A Blood Red Sky, Wide Awake In America, the Best Of compilations, U218... heck, even Passengers. These in addition to your standard albums are allowed because there's more to choose from and it's fuuuuun! Rearrange the tracks into any running order you like. Nothing extra! Oh and I suppose if you want to use the B-side compilations found on the Best Ofs, you can. Because I'm nice like that. :D

I know, not quite as debatable a question as my last one, but as I said, I've been too busy this week to notice. Dickens, Trollope and Old English stuff is eating my brain, I swear.