February 10th, 2007

Weekend Wrangle

Alright, good answers last week. Let's get away from emotional stuff, and go funny. But, I'm going to be mean this week, and forbid you an answer.

In the history of U2, you must name the worst haircut. Haircut may include facial hair, hats or head coverings, or anything else you can think of involving U2's hair.

The answer you are forbidden from is - Larry's mullet. I know not everyone would name that, but it just may be the most popular answer.

Feel free to provide accompanying pictures, caps, or icons. If you are on a dial-up service, consider that your warning.
Bono mofo

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This just in from the Interference forums:

PopMart Live from Mexico City is due to be released on DVD in April!

At least according to this news blurb at U2Achtung.com:


Put through a handy translator, the news reads (in English):

Information communicated us by Universal: the DVD of the Popmart Live From Mexico City is announced for the month of April in version deluxe (2 DVD) and standard version (1 DVD).

For memory, it is a matter of the recorded concert December 3 1997 to the racetrack of Mexico. Set list: PopMuzik - Mofo - I Will Follow - Gone - Even Better Than The Real Thing - Last Night on Earth - Until the End of the World - New Year's Day - Pride (In the Name Of Love) - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - All I Want Is You - Desire - Staring at the Sun - Sunday Bloody Sunday - Bullet the Blue Sky - Please - Where the Streets Have No Name - Lemon (Perfecto mix) - Discothèque - If You Wear That Velvet Dress - With or Without You - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - Mysterious Ways - One - Wake Up Dead Man.

More of information will be communicated later...

Let the celebrating begin =D
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Sayid is a BAMF

Project on U2

Hi! I haven't posted here before but I wanted to get some peoples opinions on a project I'm doing for my American Popular Music class. We have to do 40 minute presentations on a band that influenced American music, and I of course choose U2. We have to have 2 or 3 songs and visual aids to go with it, and I wanted to get peoples opinions on songs they think it would be good to use. I was thinking about using either Miracle Drug, Original of the Species, Bullet the Blue sky, or Love and Peace or Else from the Chicago Vertigo DVD for a video, and then playing Suday Bloody Sunday, Streets Have no Name, Exit, One Tree Hill, or Pride in the name of love for a song. Any suggestions?
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Made the move to HD

So today I invested in a HD-DVD Player. Yes it was alot of money but its so worth it....last week i bought a dvd player that upconvered everything but in the end it was such an awful player i had to return it.

So I really got a good deal.
-one HD-DVD Player (with a $50 gift card since it was an open box value)
-With the gift card I bought Smallville Season 5 in HD - I will give a review when i watch the season but i did take a look and wow!
-Mail in the UPC and stuff like that I get 3 free HD-DVDS. From a list of 15

(* I own alrady)
Four Brothers
*Tomb Raider
Sky Captain and the world of Tomrrow
U2 Rattle and Hum
We Were Soldiers
Blazing Saddles
Dukes of Hazzard
*Perfect Storm
The Rundown
Chronicals of Riddick
*Apollo 13