February 21st, 2007

Enigma + U2 = true?

Yep, my two favorite bands/musicians are actually blended together for a few seconds. It most definitely sounds like it.

I'm talking about Ultraviolet (Light My Way), and the first 20 seconds of it. Now why is that so interesting? Well, the first time I ever heard that song, I jumped. Whoa, this sounds exactly like that sequence in that Enigma song, Second Chapter! You know the intro song on Enigma's second album, The CROSS of Changes? If you don't have that album already, download it. At least Second Chapter, which blends into an amazing The Eyes of Truth.

Okey, off-topic, back to U2. The first 20 seconds of Ultraviolet, are quite similar to the last 40 seconds of Second Chapter. It does continue during Bono's first sentences, until after "And love it won't be long...", which is when it is replaced by the kickstart drums/guitar.

What I am wondering is, how did this come about? Did U2 really work with Enigma - or Michael Cretu, rather - to borrow this sample to include in Ultraviolet? Or did they get it from somewhere else? I've gotta look this up -- maybe it's in the U2 by U2 book that came out not too long ago :) (great book btw!)

Has anybody else noticed the same thing?
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I just wanted you to mention how great the ''Before the war'' DVD is. It's a DVD with concerts of U2 before they made the War album.

There's a very nice version of 11 O'Clock Tick Tock on it.

Boy album sounds

So, I've done some research for the sounds for the Boy album, and just finished the first 5 tracks. It's for wikipedia.

I'm doing this to make a ''sound and structure'' part for the Boy album on Wikipedia. I'm desperate for your opinions, because this has to be objective as possible. Maybe you can ad some sounds too.
I think it's a good idea to post 5 tracks instead of the whole album. Otherwise it's too much I think to discuss.

I Will Follow:
- optimistic
- agressive
- boisterous
- lively
- searching (your eyes make your circles etc. part)
- intimate (also the your eyes make your circles etc. part)
- raucous
- energetic
- catchy

- bragging
- poignant
- releasing (boy meets man in the shadows etc. part)
- dark
- weird (my opinion)
- violent
- noisy
- raw
- lamenting

An Cat Dubh:
- gloomy
- mendacious (shady, though mendacious is better for this song)
- sensory

Into the Heart:
- dreamy
- searching
- gentle
- ardent (after the gentle intro, the Into the heeeaart, into the heeeaaart etc. part)
- shimmering
- gloaming

Out of Control:
- happy
- lively
- energetic
- catchy
- boisterous
- self-confident
- it has a 'dreamy' part
- stimulating
- whispering (part)

So, what do you think?

Kat's Question

Like the new name? I got sick of trying to find something fun that worked with weekday, and this way I also get to have the fame. Huzzah!

Okay, I wasn't around last week but I think I have a good discussion for this week...

What's your favourite closing track on an album?

Now this is just the main question, but there are lots of tangents you can go off on in relation to it. Which closing track (or tracks, if you like more than one) do you think works best on a U2 album? More importantly, why? Is there another track on the album (or perhaps not on it...) that you think would have worked better? What difference is made by there being different closing tracks on some versions of albums (I'm thinking here of 'Fast Cars' being on the UK Bomb release, therefore ending the LP very differently to 'Yahweh')?

Whatever your thoughts, share! Say whatever you like about it.

For what it's worth, my quick opinion on the topic is that I think 'All I Want Is You' (R&H), 'Love Is Blindness' (AB) and 'Wake Up Dead Man' (Pop) are amazing closing tracks that do more than merely close the album. They sum up its meanings and intentions and, I think, leave the listener a little unsettled. They close, but they don't finalise. However, I think 'Peace On Earth' would have made a better AYTCLB closer. I know people sometimes don't like that song, but in the context of that album, I reckon it would have set everything in order.

Well, that's my 2p worth - over to you! :)
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