February 25th, 2007


Song of the Day

Hey everyone, this my first SOTD :D Hope I do an okay job, please tell me if it sucks lol

The song I chose was....

Do You Feel Loved?

Some time ago, I realized that one of the U2 albums I was missing was POP. I had most of the songs off of it already, mostly from the “Best of...” albums I had, but it still felt wrong not to have it, especially since it seems the popularity of the album is kind of torn between fans, and I really wanted to know what the big deal was. It actually took me a month to find a copy, but three days ago I finally got it.

Personally, I love it, I think the 90's was U2's greatest decade musically (even if they don’t think so) Some of the songs I had never heard before, like Miami, The Playboy Mansion, and Wake Up Dead Man. But I have to say my favorite song off the album, counting the songs I already had, has to be “Do You Feel Loved?”

It was actually the first song I listened to when I got the album, and after about three days, the count of it being played on iTunes is up to 20.

The beginning really hits you, and I thought it definately reflected what the whole album was about through it's sound, very high energy, and best to listen to when not sitting down lol And it never loses it's energy either. The drums and bass really carry the song, especially towards the end.

Lyrically, I think it’s amazing, I’m actually considering using it for an art project for interpreting lyrics. My favorite lyrics in the song are probably in the first verse.

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U2 fan art.

I have made a few U2 things before, most prominently t-shirts, but this poster is my latest item and it turned out so well that I just had to share it here.

Since Bullet The Blue Sky is my favorite U2 song (it's hard and unfair to pick just one but still), and especially the Rattle and Hum version, I chose to make my own poster with just that theme. I could not find any high resolution pictures of the four face photos as displayed on the backside of the Rattle and Hum DVD, so instead I made my own version with newer, very nice black 'n white photos which was exactly what I had in mind. I know that the red chevrons comes from the HTDAAB graphical profile, but they fit in perfectly.

The poster measures 22" x 28".

Have you ever made your own U2 fan art/item/clothing? If so, what did you make and do you have a picture to share?
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