February 26th, 2007

larry is a violent guy

Larry in Modern Drummer - August 1985

I bought a copy of this magazine on eBay (which had undisclosed, extensive water damage - ggrrrr), expecting a nice but small article. Holy crap, I think this is the longest interview Larry has ever done. Odds are that one or two of you have had this magazine since it came out, so this is probably nothing exciting for you, but I thought it might be an interesting read for everyone else. *g* It's a rather long interview where Larry talks about his technique and style, what equipment he uses; not knowing much about the technical aspects of drumming, I was still fascinated while reading it.

Even though it pained me severely, I dutifully recreated all of the misspellings, odd paragraph indentations, and the incorrectly used (and overused) commas & italics for your reading pleasure. It took so very long to type, then go back and fix the typos that spellcheck can't catch. Seriously, I don't think Larry has talked this much ever. At any rate, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did!

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