March 5th, 2007

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ADAM Clayton and his Canadian fiancee Suzanne 'Susie' Smith have sadly gone their separate ways after what isdescribed by friends as "an amicable split".

The U2 bassist and his girlfriend, who is also in the music business, broke up last month on extremely good terms after more than eight great years together. They got engaged last year on Valentine's Day at a private soiree in London where the couple spent a lot of time together. Susie was totally involved in Adam's life and even appeared in the special episode of The Simpsons when the group guested.

Adam and Susie divided their time between London and Dublin where Adam has a Georgian mansion in Rathfarnham - the same rented mansion where The Joshua Tree album was recorded in 1986. Adam subsequently bought the house for £400,000.

Suzanne Smith is a record company executive and has been based in London. She was previously an assistant to U2 manager, Paul McGuiness.

Previously the U2 star had been engaged to controversial supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In an interview with Piers Morgan in the current edition of GQ magazine, Naomi described Adam as "a wonderful friend".

It is expected that Adam will now re-establish his status as the one remaining bachelor of the group.

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