March 7th, 2007


For anyone who doesn't have this on DVD, or is just bored at work and wants to see it, the full San Diego Vertigo show is up on YouTube. The first show of a U2 tour is usually a bit uneven, but it's fun to see where the tour started from. Note the weird transition from "Running To Stand Still" to "Zoo Station," ending the main set with "Elevation" and saving "Pride" and "Streets" for an encore.

Anyway, playlist is here:

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Definitive 200"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has published a list of what they consider the "Definitive 200" albums a rock and roll fan needs to complete his or her collection.

The Joshua Tree made #5 on the list.

The shocker for me was that Achtung Baby didn't appear until #45. 45? Really?

Of course, part of the purpose of lists like these, beyond making a statement about what should be considered the essence of a genre, is to spark debate. Personally, I'd have to debate the wisdom of placing anything by Eminem higher than Achtung Baby, no matter how good Eminem might be.

But I guess since it's not *my* "Definitive 200", I should just let that go...yeah, I'll try to get started on that just as soon as I finish locating and smashing up a copy of the Marshall Mathers LP.

P.S. Speaking of The Joshua Tree, anyone from the UK who didn't catch this over at might be interested in voting on their favorite track from the album.

U2 videos

Hey everyone. I need some help finding U2 videos. What I need is pretty much every U2 music video ever made. I'm working on a project for my hubby, and want to make him his very own U2 music video DVD. Problem is, I don't have any vids on the computer...

I need the vids, and probably a list of what vids were made and when.

If someone could direct me to a place where I can download them, or you want to be generous and share your collection, I will be forever grateful. If you upload, please use YouSendIt....that's the site that works best for me.

Thanks everyone!!
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War-era concert from the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 5/6/83

In addition to this U2 show, Wolfgang's Vault has a ton of concerts from other bands up that you can listen to over the internet. One of their newest additions is this 5/6/83 show in Boston. 18 tracks, just under an hour and a half long. It's also currently tied for the top-rated concert on the site.


Out Of Control (4:31)
Twilight (4:59)
An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart (7:06)
Surrender (4:59)
Two Hearts Beat As One (5:30)
Seconds (3:05)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:27)
Cry/The Electric Co. (5:55)
I Fall Down (3:53)
October (2:06)
New Year's Day (4:58)
Gloria (4:41)
I Threw A Brick Through A Window (3:46)
A Day Without Me (4:08)
Party Girl (3:10)
11 O'Clock Tick Tock (4:47)
I Will Follow (6:15)
40 (4:52)

It's a chance to listen to an early U2 show with no strings attached aside from creating a free account there. I can't tell you how much spam you may or may not receive, though. ;-) It does say they'll e-mail you weekly updates with new concert additions. I just registered and the audio sounds fine. There is also a forum post that mentions them offering downloads for purchase in April. Check it out - I think they get it when it comes to DRM and freedom of choice when it comes to buying digital music and being able to listen to it on whatever you want.

Kat's Question: JT!

Okay, this week's question is a bit vague but I'm afraid my dissertation has taken over my life! Anyway, this month (in fact this week, if I am not mistaken) is the 20th anniversary of the release of The Joshua Tree, and basically what I wanted to know was this...

What does The Joshua Tree mean to you?

Told you it was vague! But really, we should commemorate this wonderful album by giving it some praise. Of course you might not like the album, in which case you're clearly insane. ;) Seriously, though, I'm interested to know what your fave track is, which song means the most to you, why you think it's been so successful, whether you think it'll still be a classic in another 20 years, which band member really shines on the record... Anything and everything, just say what you want!

You might know I'm a 90s U2 girl first and foremost but I don't discriminate - I love all eras and JT is no exception. The widescreen, landscape sound created on that album is exquisite, unique and inspired and it's definitely one of the best albums ever released, I think. Streets, Still Haven't Found, WOWY, Exit, Bullet The Blue Sky... the tracklist is just sublime. About time they remastered it and re-released it though, cause my copy has quiet sound and it bugs me, I have to turn it up really loud!

Over to youuuuuuuuuuuuu.