March 8th, 2007


American Idol For Africa

So, I'm watching American Idol and they bring up this special thing they are planning for April. They mention teaming up to help stop poverty in Africa and here at home. Obviously I perk up a bit cause I know that's Bono's stuff they are talking about. And I'm thinking, hey, this is great news. They could do a lot by getting the word out with how many people watch the show and then if they donate all the money taking by those text votes, hell, this is good shit.

Two episodes will air in April...can't remember the dates but it's late April and they are on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then they start talking about all the people helping out with the cause. The list gets longer and longer and still nothing.

I'm thinking, how the fuck can they go to Africa (they showed video from the trip - Simon and Ryan went. Ryan pulling the Bono thing wearing a camo cap on backwards) and do all this without Bono. Then, probably for the first time in this show's history, they mention Bono being involved with the show.

Now, this isn't U2, it's just the B-Man. On top of that, I'm glad to see the involvement with him and the show being that of a cause. Not promoting an album, not doing it for any other reason than to help others.

Out of curiosity, so that I don't think I am the only one in this community who does it....did anyone else catch this?