March 19th, 2007

7 tonnes 2 by  Nicolas Deveaux elefante

Video about Edun

I had to use WMP today, and since I never use it I didn't now how it worked so I ended up clicking everywhere and found this on the media guide. It's Rogan Gregory, Bono and Ali talking about Edun, it's pretty cool!

I never watched this, so I'm assuming it wasn't posted here, but there are enourmous chances that I'm wrong, if so sorry about that lol
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All You Need Is Love

and a couple bucks. 

So I'm excited.  Back a few months ago, I got together with some of my most longtime U2 friends.  A couple of girls and lads that I've known for more then five years. Well by got together, I mean on the computer, and that's not an all together uncommon thing, but on this common day, a very uncommon exciting idea came out.  My friend, Fields, decided she wanted to publish a book of some of our poems, and short stories that we wrote years ago in the ole Zootopia, in the folder Into the Heart.  She had us, and got in touch with some other heavy poem poster types, and months later, we're published.  The Little Red Book of Poe-ee-tree is born.  @@@@@ I tell you folks, it's for a great cause. All of the royalties, go for the African Well Fund.  I hate trying to sell things. I think it's a tad insulting to your friends, but I gotta say, I support this 100%, I mean it's for a good cause, and we're all super stoked by it.  Born from Love this little book hopes to do some big things, so take a gander if you've got a second. check out our myspace page at or go straight to the land of shopping and happiness at the store  We've got it coinciding with Bono's b-day, it's a great gift to him, to yourself, and to the people of Africa. 

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