March 21st, 2007

B-Man - Flirty

Bono & Video Games

I play video games. Quite a lot actually. I also visit gaming sites on a daily basis for news and stuff like that. I was surprised to see today an article on Bono over here at Evil Avatar.

Course, someone later in the thread had to take a shot at Bono. I was curious if he was aiming it at the band or the man, so I asked him as to why he posted what he had and the whole "ed the sock" article got brought up. Oddly enough, someone else defended Bono as did I.

Now, I seem to remember someone posting the "sock" article on here, but it looks to have been taken down. I was just wondering what everyone else thought of the article. Granted that we are fans and probably didn't like anything written in it, but other than saying it's horse shit, how do you respond to it?