March 26th, 2007

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Faintly Creepy Buying Suggestion

Lately I've been receiving buying suggestions from Amazon, a la "we noticed you bought this, so you might like that". I find the whole concept half helpful and half creepy (with a dash of funny with the connections they've made a few times).

Today's suggestion was something called More in Sorrow than in Anger. I've never heard of this, the Amazon description isn't very thorough, and I couldn't locate the referenced imdb page.

It's obviously not official U2 material...have any of you a clue as to what this is supposed to be about?


Just thought I might share....

I was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida on March 20th. I've been to the hotel several times and have never seen the HUGE Zooropa poster that they have there. It was enormous!

When I first caught a glimpse of it I had to do a double take. I was thinking, "wait, that looks awfully familiar."

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