April 3rd, 2007


Joshua Tree 20th Anniversary Edition?

Here's a story to watch...
I can't seem to find any further information on it but, according to u2exit.com, there's going to be a 2-disc 20th anniversary release of The Joshua Tree. ("Two discs?" you say?)

Universal Music has announced the Joshua Tree 20th Anniversary Collectors' Edition.

The Deluxe Edition set for release on June 11/12 will be a two-disc set featuring the original 1987 album with bonus tracks - likely outtakes such as Spanish Eyes, Walk To The Water and Race Against Time, digitally remastered on Disc One.

Disc Two is a DVD with the album remixed in DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1 & PCM stereo, plus promo video clips. Disc One will be made as a hybrid multichannel SACD (Super Audio CD) only in the UK.

The album will be released on Rhino Records in the US and Islad/Mercury Records in the United Kingdom.

Permalink: http://www.u2exit.com/2007/04/universal_music_has_announced.php

Again, I can't find any further information on this.
(The story's dated April 2nd, but it still could very well a prank... to be nitpicky, there's some faulty grammar and spelling here and there.)