April 30th, 2007


New Member and a few questions!

Hey I'm a new member, but i've watched the community for almost a year now, aside from being a u2 fan for yeaars I've seen U2 twice (elevation and vertigo tours)

I was just wondering how many of you here have heard the song "mercy" (the cut song from the atomic bomb sessions i believe). My appologies if there's already been a discussion on this before. What are all your thoughts on it? I ripped an mp3 of it last summer from a spanish podcast and i think it's an absolutely amazing song. I'd really like to see a form (a more polished form) end up on a future u2 cd. I think it'd be a really big hit. Do any of you think it'll end up an U2 record in the future?

My other question is what album is the single or studio version of 11 o clock tick tock from? I have Under A Blood Red Sky and i love the live version of this song, but where can i get a studio version of it, and is it as good?

I'm looking foward to a new album with a new direction from the band this year! (Hopefully back into Pop Territory)