May 4th, 2007

blue ga
  • boriel

New York Nasty mix

HI, i know i had this song somewhere - somebody posted it last year or the year before, but i cant find it anywhere. why do i want this one you ask? well, i've dicovered certain u2 songs are very well suited to certain types of exercise. Saints is fantastic for stepping. (you know, up a step, down a step, up a step, down etc). Right tempo, and see if YOU can get through all 3+ minutes of that song without getting a thigh burn or huffing lol. Pride is perfect for doing arm curls with a free weight, and some of the best stretching (prewarm and cooldown) u2 comes from zooropa.

So i'm thinking that if New York (original) is almost the right tempo for skipping rope, the Nasty Mix (which i think is abit faster) would be the one to skip to.
I"d be interested to know if anyone else uses U2 for their workout, and if so, which songs and what kind of exercises. I"d love to put a few different routines together to choose from.

and in the spirit of exercise, Collapse )