May 11th, 2007

sharing the shivers

We all know the scene from the Boston dvd, before Bono sings "Kite", he says that "a few nights ago in Albany", he lost his voice, and he'd never felt so crap and f***ed up, and how the crowd carried him, "and the band also", making it a special moment for him... -

you know what I mean, right? :-)

So.. whenever I saw this on the Boston dvd, I wondered how that moment must have been like, at that Albany concert. 
I went searching for that concert bootleg... and in that night's version of "Kite" I found that moment Bono talked about in Boston.

It really touches me, and I thought I'd share, if only to add some emotions to when you watch the Boston dvd the next time :-)

Get the song from YSI --> 'The show is yours to carry' - Bono ("Kite", Elevation Tour, Albany 02June2001)