May 18th, 2007

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In case you haven't seen it yet..... gives 2 of us a chance to see the boys tomorrow night in Cannes :-))
Go for it, I say ;-)


officially from *snip*

Tickets to ‘U23D’ in Cannes

Preparations are well underway for ‘U23D’ at the Cannes Film Festival tomorrow night. can exclusively confirm today that all four band members will attend the special advance screening of 'U23D'.

Tomorrow promises to be a star-studded night at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes with the premiere of the new Coen Brothers flick ‘No Country for Old Men, followed by Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ . At midnight the band and invited guests will attend the first screening of U23D and, who knows, maybe someone will persuade them to bring a guitar or two?

U2.Com have two tickets to the screening - if you can be in Cannes by 6pm tomorrow evening. The winner will be chosen at random later today and will be notified this evening, Friday. Send an email, with 'Cannes Tix', in the Subject Line, to

‘U23D’ was shot when the band took the Vertigo Tour to South America last year. The 3D film is directed by Catherine Owens, with additional direction from Mark Pellington – click here to look at some of it again

over THERE!

I still can't accept...

...that I love a GOOD U2 parody!!

As much as I LOVE U2 (my favourite band of all time)...I still love it when someone takes the piss with well-crafted satire!

This week's episode of The Chaser's War On Everything featured the following brilliantly accurate U2 parody song...(thanks to YouTube)...

The Chaser - I Still Can't Accept...What A Nob I Am... well has that been recreated from the original ISHFWILF video clip (from the other side of the world!)?!? LOL. Enjoy!

Love U2...Love The Chaser!!

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