May 19th, 2007

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Just so everyone knows...

tonight U2 will be performing at the Cannes festival and you'll be able to see the performance on the cannes webcam here.

Right now they're showing red carpet premiers of other movies but the schedule is there. U2 plays 6 p.m. ET (according to what the announcers just said). I guess that's 3 p.m. my time. Hope you enjoy! I can't wait to see the film!!!

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FYI U2 are @ Cannes right now

and they are performing "Vertigo."

Catch it here!

ETA: After "Vertigo," Bono was speaking in French and I have no idea of most of what he said (I've only taken French 101). Now they're playing "Streets."

ETA #2: IFC is showing an encore of their performances right now!
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