May 30th, 2007


Band recording in Morocco.

So. U2 are recording. In Morocco.

This we find out thanks to a bit of a political blurb about Bono's approval of Congress's decision to spend an additional $30 billion fighting AIDS in Africa. What's important is this bit:

"Bono said in a telephone interview from Fez, Morocco, where he’s recording with his band, U2."

This is exciting for me, because I think the band works better when they're out of their home element. I don't want them getting too comfortable ;P I rather prefer them on their toes a little. Plus it looks like they deliberately hauled themselves off to Morocco to record, which probably means Bono will stay put and focus himself more.

Of course, with the U2-mindset, Morocco = Mysterious Ways. I don't necessarily want a new album full of Mysterious Wayses, but I do hope the band pick up some kind of new groove while they're there =)
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Question time!

Yep, that time again, for me to probe your U2-led minds for information no one will ever need. Yay! I really do think up random stuff about two minutes before I post, so you just have to go with me.

Today, I watched the Boston DVD which includes that amazing Edge solo in The Fly. So the question is...

What is your favourite Edge guitar solo/moment?

I include 'moment' because I couldn't think of another word, haha. It doesn't have to be a solo, just part of a song where you love what Edge does. I think he is a guitar genius, quite honestly, and there is loads to choose from. On record or live, whatever you like.

To start us off, I'd select not only the Boston performance of The Fly, but The Fly as a rule along with Bullet the Blue Sky and Love is Blindness. They're pretty obvious, I suppose, but they're so good it's hard to see past them, sometimes. With or Without You is another contender, and All I Want is You... he's great at putting across the meaning without resorting to loud noise!

Over to you, I'm sure you have more interesting ideas!