June 4th, 2007

Bono and me

One Tree Hill and other stuff

Hi everyone,
I have a question to ponder and a favor to ask.
First the question to ponder (and this could've been
posed way back before I was reading this journal):

I was thinking we could have a little "Best of" of our
own, see what people's favorite U2 songs are in
various categories. To start, I'd be interested in
hearing what song people would say is their best song
lyrically and why. Personally, I'd have to go with
"One Tree Hill". It just conjures up vivid imagery in
my head, I think it really tells a story, in a more
Simon and Garfunkel way than U2 songs typically do.

Collapse )

"The Fly" is a close second, then maybe UTEOTW, after that it's all a

My favor request is partially related. I don't have
the original of One Tree Hill in mp3 format with the "great
ocean" bit at the end. If anyone were to be so kind as
to upload this, I would be forever in your debt. I am
also *dying* for a live mp3 of Tryin' To Throw Your Arms
Around the World from ZooTV (the DVD, or some other
show, esp. if you have a version without a TV
announcer talking at the end). Someone posted recently
how great the guitar is in the live version of that
(can't find the post), I completely agree and it
drives me crazy that I have to sit down and watch the
DVD in order to hear it.

Lastly, I was listening to the U2 marathon the other day,
and if anyone has "Are You Gonna Wait Forever" (B-side
to Vertigo) or "Don't Come Knockin'" (duet with Andrea
Corr for Wim Wenders flick) and wants to share, that would rock. :)

U2 on TV

Just a heads up...

I was setting my TiVO to record Oprah tomorrow, because an author I like (Cormac McCarthy) is on. In the show info, though, it said "... and Bono's summer plans."

It sounds like a prerecorded bit she decided to tack on the end of a shorter show. It may be an actual Bono interview... but he's in Morocco. Who knows? Just thought I'd share. :)