June 5th, 2007


Question time!

Okay, so last week we focused on Great Edge Moments of Our Time. This week, we are going to turn our attentions to another member of U2, because that wouldn't be predictable at all, would it?! Go on then...

What's your favourite Larry moments?

And if we could keep it to drumming, that would be even better. ;)

There are, as with Edge, many possibilites for this. You don't have to limit your selection to U2, naturally. Larry has worked with other artists such as Emmylou Harris and on an album by some bloke called The Edge, so you might want to incorporate that if you've heard something you liked. Live or on record.

My selections? It's almost too easy to go for Sunday Bloody Sunday, 40 and Bad, but I think it's impossible not to. I also love Hawkmoon 269, and because I mentioned it, I enjoy his drumming on the Emmylou Harris track Orphan Girl.

Over to you, people of the community! Larry lurve!

EDIT: I had to come back and include Streets, because live I think his drumming is amazing. Sometimes I find myself fretting he will hit himself in the face, but most of the time I just think it's great.