June 13th, 2007


Midweek Question

Right, so we've done Edge and we've done Larry (not literally, of course) and now it's time to discuss someone else. Only two left - which will I go for next? *drum roll* ...

What is your favourite Bono vocal?

Yep, I'm choosing Bono this week. He's definitely one of my favourite singers, if not my all-time favourite, and there are obviously hundreds of songs to choose from here. You don't have to stick to U2 stuff, feel free to include anything from his many side projects and extra-curricular activities. I'm not even going to bother listing everything I love, because there's just way too many, so I'll select a few myself and then let you guys take over.

With or Without You - possessive and sexy, I wouldn't mind if he sang that to me!
Walk On - it's so uplifting, the ways he sings on this, and I always feel better after I hear it.
Bad - just beautiful (I quite adore the Rattle&Hum version, too).
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - need I explain? No, didn't think so (thank God :P).
Can't Help Falling In Love - I blabbed on about this in SOTD way back when - I think it could be his best.
One - perfect, in my opinion, especially the studio version which will always be my fave.
In A Little While - broken and hungover, fits the song perfectly, very soulful.
Your Blue Room - because it is sex, quite frankly. Low, almost speaking, contrasting with the falsetto. YAY!

I am so on the verge of making the longest list you have ever seen. But I'll restrain myself! Over to you.