August 12th, 2007


Song Of The Day

Evidently y'all didn't think much of Johnny Swallow!  It's been a quiet old week around here, hasn't it?

Anyway... this song's been in my head for days, and it's another of my favourites from the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack, so it's about time it got the SOTD treatment.

Dancin' Shoes

Firstly, if you don't own this album, what are you waiting for? It's full of fabulous little gems like this. Bono's vocal performance on this particular song is, to use one of his own favourite words, extraordinary - you probably wouldn't even recognise him if you heard it somewhere without knowing what it was. I love it when he throws himself so convincingly into a whole other character. This is laidback, moody, jazzy, funny - all kinds of wonderful, and strangely underrated.

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