August 22nd, 2007

Bono rivers

Drive-by SOTD

So, I can't sleep, but I can never sleep, so that's nothing new. I was really bored though, so I started digging through the old SOTD archives. That kept me busy for a couple of hours. I read through SOTDs I'd missed the first time around (mainly because they were from before I joined the community, or shortly thereafter when I was still new to the fandom and didn't know all the songs) as well as some I'd read and commented on, just to refresh my memory.

Anyhow, one thing that struck me was that A Sort of Homecoming never really got a proper SOTD. It got covered once with basically no elaboration, and then later the Wide Awake In America version got covered with more elaboration, but it wasn't quite the same.

Since I've had my own strange experiences with the song, I thought I'd give it a go myself =) I've nothing better to do, and it does just happen to be Wednesday, which was my regular SOTD day back before people got tired of this and we still had one every day (also back before we basically ran out of songs to cover =P):

"A Sort of Homecoming" from The Unforgettable Fire

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    A Sort of Homecoming - U2

U2 art

This was in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

"Alasdair Macintyre has turned the mega rock stars U2 into 13-centimetre figures as part of a diorama in which the Edge - complete with teeny-weeny beanie - waters Puppy's nose. So is calling the work and his new solo show after U2's Elevation Macintyre's little joke?"

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So I have looked up info on our film we are all waiting to see and from it looks like it will be out early 2008
Which is okay I guess. But it will clash with the Rolling Stones film I think - Both films I can not wait to see! I will treat both films as going to a live show! So as of now I guess sadly we have to wait till 08