August 30th, 2007

Just can't get enough

The PopMart goodies keep rolling in.

So, I'm lacking in Dutch German skills, but I don't need them to see that these photos are gorgeous. have gotten their paws on the PopMart DVD, and have fantastically photographed the glorious shimmery, brightly coloured packaging:

The first four photos are the Deluxe edition, the bottom three are the standard. But I think I about exploded with joy when I saw that the Deluxe has a POP UP EDGE in the booklet. I should've known they'd do something awesome like that, considering the Deluxe edition of the ZooTV DVD came with awesome stickers, but I was too busy being excited over finally actually having PopMart on DVD (lord knows they kept pushing it back), that I didn't even think about the packaging.

Is it September 18th yet? (also, I swear I'm not even going to talk to any of you lucky non-Americans who get to have the DVD A WEEK EARLIER THAN ME omg)

P.S. I'm quite hyper at the moment, in case you couldn't tell XD Pop does that to me.
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