September 5th, 2007

Pink Me

Rank the album covers!

Okay kiddies, we're gonna play a game called "Rank the album covers", since I'm bored and there's nothing new going on in the U2 world at the moment.

The only rule for this game is that you judge the covers solely for the covers. Don't say "I like X cover best because X is my favourite album." However, you can say "One of the reasons I like X cover so much is because it really sets the tone for X album." Okay?

To make it easier on everyone, I snagged all the album covers from and uploaded them so I could repost them all here for your ranking pleasure:

Collapse )

Note: I didn't include images for live albums (UABRS), EPs, Passengers, or Best Ofs. But you can include them in your rankings if you'd like. Personally, I'm not going to.

Collapse )

That's all! Now go forth and rank! Also, don't worry, you don't have to write multiple paragraphs about each cover. You don't have to write anything at all if you don't want to. But I won't complain a bit if you do write lots =D

Also, there's a very good chance for similar threads in future weeks focusing on the back covers, liner notes, and CD labels themselves =)
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silver and gold......

I've never seen Rattle & Hum *ducks*. But, I'm watching it now on VH1 Classic until I buy it somewhere and then I can watch it in its unedited, uninterrupted glory. This is great!

And WHY is Bono such a damn turnon singing Silver and Gold on Cd, and on film he's flatout inspirational? I can't be pulled in different directions like this at once.

What a fantastic band. I'm very thankful to have fully functional ears and eyes right now.