September 19th, 2007


sightings of bono?

So I work in a restaurant called Patricks Roadhouse in Santa Monica, CA. Its full of irish and other european collectings (the only way to describe it) and anyway, its very VERY eclectic.
Anyway, a couple of days ago I had a dream that Bono and the rest of the band came in for breakfast while I was working...needless to say it was one of the better dreams I've had.
This morning I was talking with one of my regular customers about music and how much I love U2 and how brilliant they are. I also happened to mention my dream and how it would totally make my entire life if that actually did happen.
A little while later some customers walk in and I literally died of shock. It wasn't Bono, but a guy who looked EXACTLY like him. He was absolutely hilarious, and I couldnt help but ask him if people told him that he looked like Bono all the time. His first response was "no. never", but it turns out that his name is Pavel and he's actually a Bono impersonator for a living!
He looked, sounded, and acted like Bono. The thought that he was acutally bono and was just pulling my leg crossed my mind, thats how much he resembled him.
how weird is it that I had a dream like that, mentioned it to someone, and then it pretty much comes true?

anyway his website is, you should all check it out.
Has anyone else had  a situation like this?
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