September 30th, 2007


Song Of The Day

One more PopMart SOTD. I was thinking about writing this for last weekend, but I was feeling a bit emotionally unstable and I didn't want to risk tipping myself over the edge. :p

from the PopMart Live From Mexico City video

I've mentioned in the past that I really adore the studio version of 'One' (it's my official Favourite U2 Song, although in truth there are lots of others that I love just as much!), and generally speaking I don't think it works quite as well live. Not that it sounds bad or anything, but for some reason the live performances don't tend to be all that memorable. The 1995 Modena version is a notable exception, and so is this one, but for very different reasons.

As you'll know if you've bought the new DVD or already owned the video, 'One' is the penultimate song of the concert, followed only by 'Wake Up Dead Man'. Bono dedicates it to his recently deceased friend Michael Hutchence of INXS, and I don't just mean he mentions his name at the beginning - you can tell he's thinking of Michael all the way through, and the grief and guilt and pain is pouring out of him uncontrollably, written all over his face and wreaking havoc with his voice. It's absolutely gut-wrenching, to the point where I can rarely bring myself to watch or listen to it - if I'm playing Hasta La Vista Baby I usually stop the CD before it gets to that point, and it puts me off watching the video sometimes as I remember what a massive downer it ends on. So this isn't exactly going to be the happiest SOTD of all time, but the song is undeniably powerful and it does have a poignant beauty, especially with the visuals on the big screen.

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