October 17th, 2007

Adam JT

Excuse me, I think my brain is broken.

Okay, I haven't been following the U2 news circuit as closely lately as usual. Now granted, there hasn't been much to follow. But there is this: The Joshua Tree is scheduled for a 20th anniversary remastered rerelease in several formats: 1 CD, 2 CD, 2 CD/1 DVD, and double vinyl. The second CD will contain B-sides, the DVD will contain the July 4th, 1987 Paris show, plus bonus tracks (including, as far as we know, the Outside It's America documentary). The scheduled release date for these is November 20th, just in time for the Holiday season.


I'm not sure if that's been mentioned in this community yet, and can't check as there's a thunderstorm outside, and I really shouldn't be sitting here on the computer anyway. But the news has been floating around for a few weeks now, so I'll just assume a lot of people have already heard.

But here's the interesting bit. The product is already listed on HMV's website with a tracklisting. The tracklisting hasn't been confirmed anywhere, but the last track on the DVD appears to be very interesting...

It's none other than the video for Red Hill Mining Town!!! The holy grail of U2 videos! Twenty years and never seen! It's breaking my brain, and I think this means the world is going to end.

All we can do now is wait.

EDIT: The tracklisting has now been confirmed by U2.com. The Red Hill Mining Town video WILL be included.
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