December 25th, 2007

U2 in Magazines

I received my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly the other day. It was the year-end one, in which they put all of their bests and worsts of the year in. There was a special insert, titled "Best of the Web", and they rated the top 25 best entertainment related websites. Our boys placed 4th! Well, one of their many sites did. (Behind Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Lost, but ahead of The Simpsons, Lord of the Rings, The Office, Joss Whedon, James Bond, Madonna and 15 others.)

Quoteth The Article:
Launch Date: October 1995
What You'll Find: The site's more than 20 staffers are there to make sure, in this case, you do find what you're looking for. The sophisticated page design includes links to current U2 articles, a daily digest of news, and a glut of other extras for the truly fanatic (such as a searchable price guide for collector's items).
Why It's Essential: If you ever need to verify a lyric to win a bet, you won't find a more credible source than this (this site received publishing rights from Universal Music). Most important, @U2 doesn't salivate over Larry Mullen Jr.'s burly triceps (it's better to see them in person anyway) with an overkill of beefcake photos - so it's a fansite you won't be embarassed to visit.
Official Site If you buy the $45 annual subscription, you get a free live album and limited-editions T-shirt, plus exclusive interviews, streaming tracks from their entire catalog, memorabilia offers, and usually a leg upon concert tickets.

Endeth the Article...

Two thoughts: in this case, you do find what you're looking for...
They are never going to get away with that song title...

and an interesting use of the word "usually". I wonder if it's in reference to the last tour's ticketing debacle.