January 14th, 2008


"Hannah Montana" getting priority over U2:3D??

This is for all the USA fans going to see U2:3D...

Apparently my local AMC theater (AMC 12 in Sarasota,FL) has pulled its U2:3D poster from the floor and is not getting the movie, thanks to Disney's release of the Hannah Montana 3D concert. (Which btw, is being billed as the first event of its' kind--last time I checked, that was false advertising.)

If this is happening in my city, how many other cities are giving Disney and Hannah Montana priority over U2?? Everyone planning on seeing U2:3D needs to call and check with their local theaters and MAKE SURE you are actually getting it.

As for me, luckily I have an IMAX up in Tampa that is showing it...an hour's drive and $13 a ticket isn't the end of the world. I still feel like writing a strongly worded letter to Disney, and also finding a way to inform our beloved boys that some teenybopper is stealing their thunder. *sigh*
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U2=Life.....what song would you listen to if you were in my shoes

Okay 2 months ago I had gotten news that I was up for a surgery for my eyes (they would inplant contacts in my eyes) so i would never have to wear glasses. my vision is not that good. So we set the dates for the surgerys and i get a call on friday to come in on monday to do a test or two just to check the numbers and so

So I got back from the eye dr. It just goes to show ya that I'll never be like everyone in this world (i did not bother to say normal because what is that?) So getting to the point they asked me to retake some tests to get numbers correct. So thats what I did. After the test we had gotten some bad news. So it turns out that they can NOT do surgery on my LEFT EYE because its very weak. (mabe later on in the yrs but now no) But she did tell me I could still go though getting surgery done on my RIGHT EYE. Since that eye is much stronger then the other. So she said this to me.

1) You can get surgery on your right eye and over time your brain will teach its self to see out of your right eye. (trust me many questions came up) I can no longer wear glasses after that.

2) BUT she did say if I wanted to I could always wear a contact in my LEFT eye.

3) OR just dump the surgery all together and just wear thick glasses all my life.

So on wenesday I will go back in and this time she will put a contact first in my right eye just to get an idea how i will see. and then she will also put a contact in my left eye too. (i have never warn contacts in my life) so i make my choice then.

Oh well some sad news.

And that leaves me to a question if you had to listen to a U2 song now to get you though this tough time what would it be?.....Oh yeah I forgot to say that NEXT weekend I would be going to see a broadway show and also U2-3D. So any song you would listen to now?