January 17th, 2008

U2 is love

this may be a dumb question...

is U2 3D going to be released nationally?

like, is this select cities thing only for the opening of it?

I just don't know if I can fit a road trip in right now to go see it...but I will try to find a way if I must.

I've only watched the trailer and looked at the theaters it was playing at. I haven't read about it or anything...hence I really don't know anything. lol

thanks in advance for answers!
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U2 is love

U2 3D..again

Thanks for all the answers from my previous post.

They added more theaters when I checked tonight! And I got really excited because now instead of driving 2 and a half hours..I only have to drive 20 minutes.
But I don't get to see it until Feb. 15th.

And after thinking about this...I got really annoyed.

It's 2008.

We're all getting excited to see a Vertigo show..3D.

Why can't they just release the new album, if it's done, and tour...

I'm going through serious withdrawal here. I have been since my last Vertigo show in 2005.

I know I shouldn't be because I know this new album will be amazing..but I can't take the waiting much longer....and then to release a Vertigo show...in 2008....

Is anyone else annoyed with that? that it's 2008 and we are still on Vertigo?

maybe it's just me...
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