February 21st, 2008

bitch are you for real?

Is it Just Me?

I'll try not to influence your opinion before you give it, so let's start first with a short poll:

Comments such as Edna Gunderson's on this U23D ad are:

Enticing and Intriguiging - inside jokes like this are made of rainbows and win
Annoying and Cutesy - inside jokes like this are made of pain(bows) and suffering
Secret Option #3 which I'll never explain, NEVER, mwah ha ha. (Or maybe I will in a comment.)

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Edge rock cowboy

Irishteen Clips 2008!

So. The band are in the studio, and some of us diehard fans are already going crazy for leaks. Luckily, an Interference member by the username of Irishteen (and the given name of John) headed down to Hanover Quay today and did us all the favour of recording some clips with his laptop.

The clips aren't the best quality (but in the tradition of the pre-album beachclips, that's all you can expect) and are just random bits of Edge jamming on his guitar, but when you're desperate, you take what you can get:


I'm gonna have to learn to discipline myself against substantially spoilerrific leaks in the near future, but considering this is less of a leaked song, and more of a random bits-and-pieces clip, I'm letting myself splurge. *listens again*
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