February 22nd, 2008


Zooropa Demo Questions

This past week, I've been swimming through Zooropa era U2, which basically means I've been outright studying Bill Flanagan's book, U2 At the End of the World. There's a passage in the middle of chapter 22 -- page 195 in my copy -- that lists several songs the band had been working on in early 1993.

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I haven't read much further into the book beyond that, so the answers might be waiting for me.  But presuming they aren't, would you kind, awesome folks be able to fill me in on what some of those pieces ended up being?  I mean, "Wandering" I can see is likely "The Wanderer," but then what's "Wandering I."?  Plus, everything after "Crashed Car" on the vibes list and until "Lemon" on the soundtrack list escapes me.   If "Sick Puppy" turned into "Mysterious Ways," what treasure found its origins in "Nose Job"?!

Also, not to be greedy, but would anyone happen to have demo or alternate versions of anything from Zooropa?  I've heard of (but not actually heard) an early acoustic performance of "The First Time" and soundtrack versions of "Stay" and "The Wanderer."

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!