February 23rd, 2008

Beavis and Butthead

New Chat Room =)

Hi Everyone!

I found a much better chat program for the U2 LJ Community. Pop in anytime, leave the window open 24/7.. whatever. There are two links. One is on the main/front community page, the very first link in the link list on the left of the screen (not a pop up) and there is also a link on the profile page that will open in a new window.

The chat program is pretty cool, you can drag video links and watch them while chatting!

Let's all try it out, ok?

OH! I went to the movies last night! Yup, U23D. It was really really good! If you have never seen the band live then RUN to the theater! It's almost that good! I'm using too many exclamation points!!! Someone kill me now!!

*runs off into the shadows*
Marvin The Martian

I forgot one tiny thing...

I just want to remind the community of the following which is located on the U2 profile page;

10. Please use a clearly labelled cut tag when posting anything that might be considered a spoiler (e.g. concert setlists, discussion of new songs, TV appearances etc). Spoilers tend to upset people who have not yet seen or heard the song/show in question.

Myself, I am not bothered by spoilers in the least. I'm weak, I can admit I have no self control when it comes to those things. It's like chocolate. I crave/want more! I've heard talk of new songs being leaked (or hopes of this happening soon) and I just want to make sure everyone is aware that some people get totally pissed off about spoilers. So, please remember #10 ok? I think with the last cd it was more of a song issue than anything. Names of the songs, the lyrics etc. I haven't seen any flare ups with the U23D movie and people being bothered by spoilers for it, so that's cool.

Just an FYI.

Thank you!
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WOW my mom and i saw this today and we had a great time togeather! My mom is now a U2 FAN! WOOHOO! She said to me if you would have told me about this when you went i would go with you. But there were only 4 other people in the theater and i will tell ya i wanted to get up and dance and sing. but during the show i had a big smile on my face and cried a few times and laughed and sang along. it was so much fun. and it was so nice to see it ONE month after my eye surgery! I saw no 3D effect but the sound was amazing! I have a feeling I'll be seeing this at least one more time!