March 8th, 2008

What about 'Pop'!!

"Laughter is the evidence of freedom." - Bono.

With all the resurgence and brilliant music of the last few years by U2, I feel something has been forgotten. 'Pop'!

I actually think that this album is up there with their very best. Its often derided because of its (relatively) poor sales and dance-influenced sound but, for me, it remains a joy to listen to. When I saw the boys at Wembley Stadium on the Popmart tour in 1998, the whole vibe of the record had seemed to had taken on a life of its own. What with the giant lemon and worlds biggest TV screen which made for a truly eye-popping spectacle, the likes of which we may never see again not just from U2 but from anyone! The LP itself is full of sci-fi superglamour and glitz, from 'Discotheque' (who can forget the Village People parodying video!!) onto 'Mofo', possibly the most experimental song the lads have ever recorded. Even now I can barely believe its them! But it is. Embracing new colours and shades and sounding all the better for it.

And any album with 'Staring At The Sun' and 'Last Night On Earth' back to back is a sure-fire classic. I think that maybe in a few years or so people will begin to appreciate 'Pop', and when that happens it'll serve only to illustrate how ahead of its time and forward-thinking the whole project was. Just like the band themselves. In the live arena is where the 'Pop' songs really grew and developed into the band's repetoire, particularly 'Please'. But I think the remixes for the 'Best Of 1990-2000', good though they were, seemed unneccessary and I always return to the original versions time and again.

I like everything U2 do but I think 'Pop' needs love too!!
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