April 20th, 2008


Battle Of The Videos: Round 2

Looks like New Year's Day is going to be the clear winner of Round 1, with A Celebration as runner-up. Feel free to carry on voting if you haven't yet, though - I won't count up the final results until the end of the series.


The videos are:

Pride (In The Name Of Love) #1 [YouTube link]
The boys playing in an empty hall, and shots of Dublin (I've seen those chimneys!)

Pride (In The Name Of Love) #2 [YouTube link]
Recording the album at Slane Castle. (This clip is a bit jumpy, but it was the only link I could find.)

The Unforgettable Fire [YouTube link]
Snooooowww! Larry grins! *world ends!*

A Sort Of Homecoming [YouTube link]
Tour madness, etc.

Remember to choose your favourite VIDEO, not your favourite song!

Poll #1173958 Battle Of The Videos: Round 2

Which video is your favourite?

Pride (In The Name Of Love) - hall version
Pride (In The Name Of Love) - Slane version
The Unforgettable Fire
A Sort Of Homecoming
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Bono sunglasses

So after my second eye surgery this time on my left eye my mom bought me (it was from over seas) a product(red) pair of brown sunglasses and they are like "Bono" glasses. speaking of that name i named my new dog Bono!
Bono YAY!

Lucky fan gets invited to join the band in the studio!

As if we needed any more proof that U2 are awesome, they invited an Alaskan fan named Susan, who'd travelled to Dublin to try and meet them, into the studio for a couple of hours, to sit in their midst and soak up the music.

Raise your hand if you're jealous. *raises hers*


Collapse )


Maybe she'll crack soon and at least give us a hint of what it sounds like. My guess is that this may be what will become the first single, and they're getting it perfect for a late summer release, followed by an autumn release of the album. I'm told that during the summer of 2004, Bono drove some fans around in his car, playing Vertigo on the stereo, so it wouldn't be the first time they did something like this.
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