April 28th, 2008

Massive Heed Bono

"Bono" on Headcases

The Bono caricature finally made its debut on ITV's Headcases last night - it's up on YouTube here (starts at 6:45) if anyone wants to see it. As per usual with Bono impersonations, they haven't made any effort whatsoever to get the voice right (just make him Irish, that'll do!), but I do think the visual resemblance is quite good. *g* He was also seen lurking in the background of a Gordon Brown sketch later on.
Evil Me

Battle Of The Videos: Round 5

All I Want Is You seems to be running away with the last vote. I'm quite surprised Night And Day isn't more popular, actually... I thought the Bono fangirls might go for that one. ;p


The videos are:

The Fly [YouTube link]
Watch more TV, y'all. (It's definitely beginning to look like Bono left his shirt in the '80s.)

Mysterious Ways [YouTube link]
RED RUFFLY SHIRT!  I think that covers all the important points...

One #1 [YouTube link]
A tour of Berlin, with U2 in drag... Edge looks so amazing as a woman!

One #2 [YouTube link]
Smell the flowers while you can. Poor buffalos. :(

One #3 [YouTube link]
Bono in a bar. With a GIRL! *tells Ali*

Vote for your favourite VIDEO, not your favourite song...

Poll #1179195 Battle Of The Videos: Round 5

Which video is your favourite?

The Fly
Mysterious Ways
One - drag version
One - buffalo version
One - bar version

Voting still open for:
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Round 2 - The Unforgettable Fire
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