May 2nd, 2008


Battle Of The Videos: Round 8

It was incredibly close between Numb, Lemon and Stay when I went to bed on Wednesday night, but there was a flurry of votes for Stay in the end, leaving it with a healthy lead. *tries to be happy for it, even though she really wanted Lemon to win...*


The videos are:

Discothèque [YouTube link]
Lypton Village People? But it's the pelvic thrusts, that really drive you insa-a-a-a-a-ane!

Discothèque (DM Deep Club Mix)
Mirrorball! Lemons! U2 Space Invaders! Dancing Lego U2!! (Gah, this video has disappeared from YouTube since the other day. You can watch it on if you're a member - it's the second video link - or download it here.)

Staring At The Sun [YouTube link]
Oooooo, sparkly!

Staring At The Sun (Miami Version) [YouTube link]
Directed by Morleigh. Mostly features Bono pratting about in various hats.

Last Night On Earth [YouTube link]
Just a normal day in the U2 universe: picking up supermodels, stealing cars, kicking corpses...

Vote for your favourite VIDEO, not your favourite song!

Poll #1181608 Battle Of The Videos: Round 8

Which video is your favourite?

Discothèque (DM Deep Club Mix)
Staring At The Sun
Staring At The Sun (Miami Version)
Last Night On Earth

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