May 3rd, 2008


Can anybody help?

I have a few questions...

1) Has anyone here ever been inside Hansa Studios in Berlin? If so, how did you go about it? Last year when I visited the city, we took some photos outside the building, but I had no idea if you were allowed to just wander in. I'm going again later this month, so I thought I'd look into the possibility of seeing the actual hall. Is it open to the public? Do you have to pre-arrange a visit, or can you just sneak in and check it out?

2) This is a long shot, I know, but worth a try... recently there was an awesome video on YouTube of the U2 Massive Heads doing their thing on the Zooropa Tour. Sadly, the user has since had their account suspended, so I've missed my chance to grab a copy of the video. Did anyone happen to download it while it was there, or know how I can get in touch with the person who uploaded it (username "frankdefoot")? The video was called "Big headed U2 on stage". Find it for me and I'd love you forever!

3) Has anyone had any problems with ordering stuff on I ordered a T-shirt in November to use up my discount coupon, and never received it - the order status just says "Shipping info for this order is not available", which isn't very helpful! Also when I renewed my membership for this year, I never got the confirmation emails with my invoice and a new discount voucher. I tried emailing them a couple of months ago to ask what was going on, but never received any response. I've just tried contacting them again using the online form (which took two attempts - the first time it just gave me a blank screen for ages, then finally "The page cannot be displayed", before having the cheek to tell me my session had expired due to inactivity!). So I guess I'll have to wait and see if I get any acknowledgment this time... in the meantime I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else, and whether you managed to resolve it in the end!