May 26th, 2008

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Just for fun :)

When I was a second-year student I loved English classes the most because of topics we learnt and discussed. Especially ones about musicians and celebrities. Today I was sorting my study stuff and found some materials I saved. Check it out. Pay attention on the questions after the text ;) I remember we were watching all versions of One video and discussing them.

There was only one thing to disappoint me. In my group there were some people who hated U2 so their answers were like: "I don't like any version, it's stupid and boring". But that lesson is still my favorite one :) During the discussion we had to tell if we attended any U2 concert, what interesting facts we know about U2, etc.
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Oh my god...that stupid new iTunes commercial with Coldplay kind of makes me want to punch Chris Martin in the face for (along with writing whiny-ass music) doing the lamest Bono impression ever with his little pose at the end.  Come on, dude.  You're not Bono.  Let it go. 

On the plus side, if this is the tracklisting of the new version of Boy, color me excited.  I want to get the vinyl version instead of the CD but I imagine it will be like the Joshua Tree one and not have any of the bonus tracks.  Ah well.
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