September 20th, 2008


Song Of The Day

I was gonna try and get back into this, wasn't I? Wasn't gonna leave it another 6 months, and yet here we are, almost 6 months later... I'm rubbish. Life gets in the way of everything. :/

Anyway, I started writing this *ages* ago (when the John Legend cover was floating about - it was gonna be all topical!) and I finally remembered to finish it. Maybe I'll get round to posting more soon. Maybe Chass will too! *pokes her* Or even someone else! *pokes everyone*

Right then, on with the show.

There are still a few gaps among the album tracks that have been covered in Song Of The Day, so I thought I'd fill in one of them:

Pride (In The Name Of Love)
from Rattle And Hum

This live version of Pride was the shock winner of our Best Track 9 poll in October 2005, beating One Tree Hill which had surely been the red-hot favourite. (I hadn't expected this to receive many votes at all, especially since the studio version had already won Best Track 2 a week earlier!) So yeah, it must be pretty popular.

You're welcome to share your thoughts either about this performance or Pride in general... it's been over three years since this song last had the SOTD treatment, and I'm sure we've had a lot of new members since then!

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Some questions:
~ Do you have a favourite version or performance of Pride? What makes it special?
~ Should Pride be dropped from future setlists, or is it one of those songs that no U2 concert would be complete without?