January 20th, 2009


U23D question.

I'm finally going to be able to see U23D! It's playing here till Thursday. My question is: where is the best place to sit in the theatre to watch it? There aren't many seats taken so far from what I can see online, and I'm wondering if the back is the best bet, as I've found it is in normal cinema. I just don't want anyone to block my view, and I want to get the best experience seeing it because, well, it's U2 in 3D!

Oh, and also, did any of you take a non-U2 fan friend to see it with you? My roommate has offered to come with me, and she keeps saying it's fine when I remind her she really hasn't seen me fangirl properly yet. It's nice of her to offer, but I don't know if I'll feel comfortable with it, which sounds weird but it's not always the same when there's someone who isn't a fan. And we've already had to broach the topic of "Bono is a twat" which I managed to do quite well, I think (because I love my friend). I just don't want her to be bored, or to wish she'd stayed at home or something, lol. Not that I can see how you'd feel that when watching U2 but not everyone is crazy obsessed like some of us...

Okay, done!

21st century po-mo angst or inspired word salad with groovy beat dressing?

GOYB. I like love it, but I'm still undecided about the lyrics (see subject line). It's very much a U2 song, in the tradition of all their other songs that hide their darkness beneath a groovy rhythm and a manic lightness (see also I Will Follow, MOFO, etc etc). What I can't decide is whether there's really a narrative thread under all that tossed salad of words, phrases and imagery, or whether it really is just a strobing collection of images.

Thoughts? Feelings? Expressions of extreme confusion? Directions to bars with the best Cosmopolitans?

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