March 13th, 2009

Tea Party subscription

I have seen quite a few posts about presale codes, but nothing about the subscriptions.  I probably should have asked this MONTHS ago, but time flies and all that.

First of all, if I subscribed now, would I still be included in one of the presale ticket groups?  The site mentions pre-sale in its ads, but I would hate to shell out the money and find out that I had to subscribe before the album/tour announcement or some other entirely arbitrary date to be included in the pre-sale.  I assume older members have first crack at tickets and newer members will get the leftovers - any confirmation?

Second, assuming I do get a pre-sale code, will I actually be able to get any tickets?  I remember last tour there was a HUGE mess with most of the pre-sale codes going to scalpers.  Announcements were made that "things were being looked in to" or something of that sort, but I never heard about what, if anything, had been done to fix the situation.

Finally, is it really worth it?  A double-CD of tracks I already own in one form or another, "exclusive" web content that many people have described as lacking, and access to a presale that may not do me any good?  Is that all they have to offer, or am I missing something somewhere?

Am I doing nothing more than increasing the cost of my theoretical concert tickets by $50, or is the subscription really worth it?  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Recipes for a good tiramisu?
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